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Cloud Downloader 2.9This is the home of the “Cloud Downloader” (formerly known as Soundcloud Downloader”). Here you will find the downloadlink, can write me comments and feature wishes, say thank you and maybe, if you really like the software, send me some bucks.

For all those who do not know the Cloud Downloader, I have included a short video below this paragraph. If you don’t like videos – no problem – the idea behinde the Cloud Downloader is explained in a few words.

You start the Cloud Downloader, add a link which points to any songpage on and click on the search-button. After that the Downloader shows you all available songs and you can choose if you like to listen to them or download them with another click, without any fuss.


  • Download every song from
  • Batch download
  • ID3-Tags
  • Download history
  • Listen/Preview the songs before download
  • Create multi-link download collections


NEW – Download: Cloud Downloader 3.1


with best regards, Raffi

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  1. Not work?

  2. Shooftiesays:

    Great program. INVALUABLE! I was wondering whether you can interact with this via the command line? I would love to be able to automate, at least the opening of an instance, population of the search box and search.

    Ideally I would also like to have it download but ‘beggars and choosers’ etc.

    • Thanks for your input. Start+Search by commandline argument should be possible. I’ll implement it in the next release.

      The download by commandline argument would be problematic, because one input link, can have multiple songs and the downloader wouldn’t know which one to download. So I’ll leave it at automatic start+search.

      If you wan’t you can send me an email, then I’ll inform you, when the next release comes up. (Or is the mailaddress from the comment field your real mail address?)

      • Shooftiesays:

        Great news.

        Yeah, please keep me updated as to the next release.

        Email is as shown.

  3. adalsays:


    why the last times appear “currently no download active”?


    • Cloud Downloader is working again. Please download the latest version (2.6.5) via the download link in this article.

  4. Ericksays:

    sorry but this version is bad becouse this version became obsolete and no longer download, when version 2.7 or 2.8 be updated

    • Hey Erick, I’ll deliver a new, fixed version within the next 24 hours. Please visit my blog again tomorrow.

    • Cloud Downloader is working again. Please download the latest version (2.6.5) via the download link in this article.

  5. Ronsays:

    Hello! today, download the cloud downloader 2.6, but does not work with any direction of “”. Could anyone tell me, because, or if I have something wrong? I w7 32bit

    • Hey Ron, the Cloud Downloader is broken at the moment, but I’ll deliver a new, fixed version within the next 24 hours. Please visit my blog again tomorrow.

      • Ronsays:

        Hello again! oh! I understand. Friend, thank you very much for the prompt reply. Cheers XD

        • Cloud Downloader is working again. Please download the latest version (2.6.5) via the download link in this article.

  6. Andressays:

    Oye amigo haces un execelente trabajo, muchas gracias por el programa, tengo desde la 2.2 hasta la 2.6 y si se han visto las mejoras, espero sigas con este programa ya que con el no tenemos que comprar musica, te lo agradezco mucho, ya voy a terminar mi carrera, espero algun dia mandarte algo de dinero, alomejor no es mucho pero se que te ayudara, es un buen citio el tuyo y espero que mas gente lo conozca para que con los anuncios te puedas beneficiar mas, otraves muchas gracias:).

  7. Jerrysays:

    Stopped working

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: clouddownloader.exe
    Problem Signature 02:
    Problem Signature 03: 54c52e76
    Problem Signature 04: CloudDownloader
    Problem Signature 05:
    Problem Signature 06: 54c52e76
    Problem Signature 07: 1
    Problem Signature 08: 0
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 2057

    • Did you install .NET Framework 3.5? Because Cloud Downloader is compiled against .NET 3.5. If not, install it and retry.

      In addition you could have a look in the Eventviewer ( and see, if there’s a better error description.

      • Jerrysays:

        Found out .net 3.5 is part of Win7 so it’s already present.
        There is an error in application log from Windows Error Reporting:

        Fault bucket 183244513, type 22
        Event Name: CLR20r3
        Response: Not available
        Cab Id: 0

        Problem signature:
        P1: clouddownloader.exe
        P3: 54c52e76
        P4: CloudDownloader
        P6: 54c52e76
        P7: 1
        P8: 0

        Attached files:

        These files may be available here:

        Analysis symbol:
        Rechecking for solution: 0
        Report Id: 36737c17-cbf5-11e4-9464-ffeb0e8e8b7b
        Report Status: 0

        There is a report.wer file in the path listed above

        • Oh, I was hoping to get more useful information. So I just recompiled the Cloud Downloader against .NET 4.0. Please try and tell me if this version runs on your computer:

          • Jerrysays:

            Hi and thanks. Still errors on opening, but there is at least a little more in event viewer app log now:

            Application error:
            Faulting application name: CloudDownloader.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x55087f64
            Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7601.18409, time stamp: 0x53159a86
            Exception code: 0xe0434352
            Fault offset: 0x0000c42d
            Faulting process id: 0x20a8
            Faulting application start time: 0x01d0630edaa8d778
            Faulting application path: C:\Users\jyeatman\Downloads\CloudDownloaderVersion_2.5_net4.0\Cloud Downloader 2.5 – .NET 4.0\CloudDownloader.exe
            Faulting module path: C:\windows\syswow64\KERNELBASE.dll
            Report Id: 19937038-cf02-11e4-bc21-a4e57a20225c

            .NET Runtime:
            Application: CloudDownloader.exe
            Framework Version: v4.0.30319
            Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
            Exception Info: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException
            at CloudDownloader.Form1..ctor()
            at CloudDownloader.Program.Main()

            • Ok, now we’re getting closer. It seems that the problem is caused by the Windows Mediaplayer ActiveX reference. I’ll compile another version and test it on some of my virtual machines. After that I’ll give it to you for testing.

              Since then, could you please answer me the following questions:
              – What version of Windows Mediaplayer do you use?
              – Do you have x86 (32 bit) or x64 (64 bit) Windows installed?

              • Jerrysays:

                It appears I might have removed it as I can’t find it. I use MPC-HC as a media player.
                I can reinstall WMP if it’s a requirement.

                Windows is 7 Pro x64

                • Actually Windows Mediaplayer is a dependency for the Cloud Downloader. I’ll try to make it undependent in one of the coming releases, but since then it’s needed.

                • Jerrysays:

                  I can confirm it now works since I’ve re-installed WMP.
                  Thanks for your help.

                • Nice to hear, that we solved your problem. So now I have to finde a suitable replacement for the Windows Mediaplayer dependencies… Some .NET library which can play music streams and ist licensed for free use…

    • Mostafasays:

      I can’t find the download link of version 2.5, I updated it twice before, but this version I can’t do it. Can you help me please ?

  8. Jerrysays:

    Thanks for this piece of software. It works well on one of my PCs… but not the other! It errors during loading (but error message isn’t helpful).
    Is there a particular .NET version it require?

    • Hi Jerry,

      Could please post the error message (although you think it’s useless)? Maybe I can see what’s wrong.

  9. Jerrysays:

    Are there any prerequisites?
    I get “Cloud Downoader has stopped working” when I open it.
    Win7 Pro SP1 x64
    MS Vis C++ 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012

  10. Tonysays:

    I notice not all songs on Soundcloud are Mp3s allot of them are WAVs. The next version you come out with could you please make it so it will be able to download WAVs as well from Soundcloud?

  11. Akramsays:

    Ok Fine it’s great prog which allow to download lists and mp3 from soundcloud
    i think if u add new thing on it a new update which also allow to us to edit on mp3 before download it like high quality it will be perfect like if i want it 320 CD.q good work

  12. Dhirajsays:

    Hi Raffi,

    Clicking on the link of download :
    New window opens: ‘’
    and says ‘Server not found’

    can u send me the setup file of 2.4 version to my mailid:

  13. ArthurBsays:

    Hello ! Very good software, but the cover of the music is trouble, it’s not net… sad resolution..
    Please correct this problem ! Otherwise, it’s very good software !

    • What exactly is wrong with the cover images? I don’t research in cover databases, because there are many tracks on soundcloud which are from private persons who don’t create officila covers. So I take the song-picture which is shown on soundcloud as cover.

      If you have a good idea or a workaround to fix this to get better results, tell me. Maybe I can add your idea in the next release.

      • ArthurBsays:

        Any cover, official or not, the cover is very trouble, look the difference :
        At right, the music cover download with Cloud Downloader. You see the difference ? And this for all dowloaded music… Can you fix this problem ? It’s just detail but it’s not own…

        • Ok, so you mean the pictures/motives are ok, but the quality is worse. I’ll see, what I can do, to improve image quality.

          • ArthurBsays:

            Ok perfect ! If you arrive to Fix this problem in 2.4, it would be perfect !
            Thanks for answer and this software !

      • Anandsays:

        First of all, this software is the best for downloading songs from soundcloud.
        But I’m having few problems:
        1. I was able to download all the songs in playlists but all of a sudden, playlists are not readable even if its public. I’ve to download songs in the playlist one by one. Is there any way I can download all the songs from playlist ?
        2. Is there any way to download songs at 320 kbps?

  14. Alexandersays:

    just wanted to say that today my Clouddownloader seemed to stop working at all. Before it just occasionally spazed out a bit but for 2 days or so it just says “Cloudownloader has stopped working”
    Still great work tho on the downloader.

  15. John Giblinsays:

    Just wanted to say it seems like soundcloud broke your program again :/ when I put in a link and hit search noting comes up. Just thought I’d let you know.

    • John Giblinsays:

      EDIT: nevermind, it seems to work now, must of been a problem on soundclouds side :)

  16. there’s any way to download in 320 kbps?

  17. iVisionzsays:

    Hey guys I just downloaded the update and every song that i try to download it says: The external server has returned a fault: 404 not found.

    What should I do?

    Always used this program for about a year now, never had a problem. Now that i’ve downloaded the updated 2.2 version it doesn’t work anymore?

    • Two days before sound cloud downloader update soundcloud changed the site. So I’m really sure the old version would also give you 404 errors with the songs you try to download.

      The update fixes problems at 90% of all songs. Unfortunately besides to the update on soundcloud’s code base they also changed the way they deliver the streams. So from last udate on, they deliver more songs as rtmp streams instead of simple mp3 streams. The old as also the new version aren’t able to download this kind of stream not yet.

      To proof my suspicion please send me one or two links, which produce a 404 error for you.

      • Anandsays:

        First of all, this software is the best for downloading songs from soundcloud.

        But I’m having few problems:

        1. I was able to download all the songs in playlists but all of a sudden, playlists are not readable even if its public. I’ve to download songs in the playlist one by one. Is there any way I can download all the songs from playlist ?
        2. Is there any way to download songs at 320 kbps?

  18. John Giblinsays:

    Thanks for the update man! Your software is invaluable!

  19. Dannysays:

    Still not working. Won’t paste anything on the search bar. . . :(

  20. uviolsays:

    don’t work for me.

    • SaiNTsays:

      Same here. Worked lika a charm for years so im very grateful anyhow.

      • I’m working on a fix. Should be not that hard. New release will come this evening (GMT+1) or tomorrow.

  21. Davidsays:

    Brilliant, easy to use, and works with everything. What more do you need ! A++++++++++

  22. Seansays:

    The UI is a little rough, but I love the fact that it is simple yet functional. I also really like that it is small (< 2MB) and does not require an installer. Thank you for releasing an excellent utility and thank you for the free software!

    P.S. My only suggestion would be to add a checkbox or something to change/enable/disable the alarm when downloading is complete.

    P.P.S. This is very trivial, but when you click the search pane header on the download tab all the way to the right of Download / Song before performing a search, the program throws an unhandled exception, however keeps otherwise functioning.

  23. dRAAKsays:

    Hi Raffi,

    Super Programma! Beste SC downloader auf dem netz :)

    Vielen Dank,


  24. Ryansays:

    This application works like a charm, however there are a few hiccups in regards to availability of songs for download. For example, Dada Life’s songs – on his first page of music, only one song is available for download (Electric Zoo 2013). Why is this?
    How does your Cloud Downloader actually work? Like, where does it source the information on the .mp3 from?

  25. Hey man,

    Any chance you can work on mixcloud as well?



  26. Great! Even offliberty stopped working and this works without issue with SoundCloud! Thanks so much!

    • Francescosays:

      How did you get it to work without issue? For me is works on some pages and not others. It seems like it depends on the number of tracks, whether you’re using the new or classic interface and it seems like some artists are no allowing some tracks to be listed in the classic interface.

  27. Francescosays:

    When trying to download from i can only see 10 tracks. How can I fix this?

    • Francescosays:

      I just found that if I switch to SC classic mode and use the URL from each page and check the box for “Keep searched items at next search” I can build a complete list of all the tracks that can be downloaded. It’s a workaround that works but can be painful when there are a lot of pages. It is, however, better than downloading 1 track at a time.

  28. I suddenly get this error and not sure why. I’ve used the program for months and never had a problem before

    “The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized”

  29. Anonsays:

    Hi Raffi,

    Did you had time to check the “set issue”?
    I’m still looking for an update so if you can provide one, it would be the best!

    Thank you very much.

  30. Anonsays:


    Thank you very much for this tool.
    However, it’s seems a bit broken in the past few days, probably since SC updated the website.

    Issue: When trying to download a set (13 songs) it sees a lot more.
    Ex : and the tool is seeing tracks beeing outside the set (45 songs instead of 13).

    Thanks if you can provide a fix.

    • Hey Anon,

      I’ll have a look at this in the next days. ;)

      • Anonsays:

        Thanks for the quick answer !

        PS: Idea for an option
        In the “set” case – that would be great if the tool could add a numbering system.
        01. XX – YY
        02. YY – XX

        But I would understand if you may not want do add this or/and don’t have the time ;)

  31. Ivansays:

    Getting error where it says the CloudDownloader.exe has stopped working even before its running

  32. any idea why i only the 10 first tracks of this page ? :(

  33. Alansays:

    This is great – on my friends machine!

    However my machine says ‘ Unable to find a version of runtime’.

    I don’t really understand all this but which .NET Framework do I need?



  34. Nice Tool!!! Danke dafür. Brauche ich mir nun nicht mehr selber programmieren :D

    Besuch doch auch meinen Blog:

    • Hallo Pascal,

      danke für deinen Kommentar. Ich führe meinen Blog zweisprachig. Du hättest also auch ohne Bedenken auf der deutschen Seite dieses Artikels kommentieren können. ;)

      Oben rechts in der Sidebar findest du ein paar Flaggen. Dort kommst du zur deutschen Version.

  35. great! thanx buddy for the share

  36. ronaldsays:

    why cant I download this?

  37. Hamzasays:

    Thank you so much :)

  38. Cynthiasays:

    Thank you very much! :)

  39. Alexsays:

    Can you make a mac version?

    • Sorry, at the moment I use the .NET-Framework. This isn’t compatible to MAC. Maybe I try to compile it against Xamarin for MAC in the next time. But only maybe…


  40. Oliviasays:

    Excellent! Works wonderfully. Had to use the German page’s link as the British one wasn’t working.

    Thank you!

    • Which link do you mean? The downloadlink? I’ll fix it later this day.
      edit:// Ok, I fixed the link. Thank you for your comment! :)

  41. Joeysays:

    cool if it works

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