How to activate USB mass storage and developer options on CyanogenMod

For over three years I’m a user of Android smartphones. At first with Motorola Defy, then Samsung’s Galaxy S2. What both of these devices have in common, is the fact, that both were not running the original ROM for a long time. Too much trash, too much unnecessary, pre-installed software and really to less updates.

Both devices got the CyanogenMod-ROM, one of the most famous mods for Android devices. And because I like to be up to date and also like to try out experimental features, I flash my Samsung Galaxy S2 regularly with the so called nightly builds. (Nightly-Builds = daily updated version directly from the developers. Bleeding edge but not always 100% stable.)

With the latest CyanogenMod version (10.1), two features have disappeared, so far. On the one hand the possibility to use the phone as a mass storage device on your PC and on the other hand menu item “Developer options” is hidden. Both features are still locked but can be used yet gentle, and how to do it, I want to show you.

Unlock developer options and USB debugging on CyanogenMod

To activate the developer options menu item and thus activate the menu item for the USB debugging, you have to open your phone’s settings menu. Then navigate to the “About phone” settings page.

cyanogenmod 10.1 activate developer options (1)  cyanogenmod 10.1 activate developer options (2)  cyanogenmod 10.1 activate developer options (3)  cyanogenmod 10.1 activate developer options (4)  cyanogenmod 10.1 activate developer options (5)
There you will find a sub-item called “build number”. If you click 7 times on the build number item, the developer options will be unlocked. After successful activation you will find the item developer options in the usual place in the Android settings menu.

Unlock USB mass storage on Cyanogenmod 10.1

To activate the USB mass storage function, you need an app called “USB mode switch for SGS1 on CM“. Don’t be put off by the name – I have tested the for my Galaxy S2.

The main interface of the app has only one button, which allows you to switch between the both USB modes (MTP and Mass Storage). After changing the method, you have to restart your phone before you can use the USB mass storage function.

cyanogenmod 10.1 activate massstorage (1)  cyanogenmod 10.1 activate massstorage (2)  cyanogenmod 10.1 activate massstorage (3)  cyanogenmod 10.1 activate massstorage (4)

If you have successful tested the app on other devices than the Galaxy and the Galaxy 2, let me know it in the comments, so that I can add a small info to my blogpost.

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  1. Aromal says:

    Raffi, Thanks for the post. But the usb mode switch for SGS1 app showed some error. So I used the app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mohammadag.samsungusbmassstorageenabler and it worked for me. Thanks again.
    FYI: I’m using CM11 on SGS2 i9100.

  2. wendy says:

    My samsung galaxy prime doesn’t recognize my on the go USB drive. How can i fox this issue?

  3. thanks for share!

  4. thank you for share!

  5. mano says:

    i have samsung gio and doesnt work in cyanogenmod

  6. Jerome says:

    Hello. I got a problem on my Samsung SGG i927. The phone is not connected to any device but when I try to access my drive or take photos it says no media card or it is been used as mass storage meaning its connected as USB. Plz what should I do???

  7. Brataylor says:

    Hi, I have Cyanogen mod 11 working fine on my Samsung S2 i9100 and I enabled debugging in the developer options after activating the developer options by tapping 7 times.
    I installed USB mode switch for SGS1 CM and gave it super user access, but every time I open it I get an error – Failed. Enable USB-debugging first.

    Please assist in any way?

  8. Quinton says:

    It worked on my Note 1 GT-N7000 running slimrom :]

  9. j. says:

    SOLUTION=====> I have a Samsung Galaxy S4, downloading “USB Mass Storage Enabler” from the Google Play Store solved my problem. There are other USB State switching apps on the market as well. Upon initial launch of the app, I noticed that the current state of my device was blank. I just clicked Mass Storage Mode, the app activated the USB State to Mass Storage, and Win7 immediately recognized my phone and used the Samsung drivers I had previously installed. In my case, it WAS NOT A DRIVER PROBLEM, but was a loose end during initial CM11 setup on my phone which left the USB tethering state of my phone “blank”. I remember a screen during setup which asked about how to handle USB connections, I should have payed more attention to that.

    Rooted with Heimdall / Installed Zagig USB Drivers
    Flashed with Cyanogenmod 11
    Initialization will ask about handling USB tethering
    Just press Mass Storage Mode

  10. Rathkomdj says:

    Ne marche pas sur galaxy S3 I9300 cyanogenmod 11 kitkat 4.4.4

  11. I worked on my HTC Sensation nicely

    Regards from Leon, Spain. :-)

  12. Mara says:

    hi .. it worked on my CHERRY MOBILE FLARE 2X .. THANK YOU !!! :)))))))

  13. Landry says:

    HEY GUYS …THERE IS A WAY . I HAVE A GS3 WITH CM10.2 , WHAT I DID IS : First unlock the developper option then go there and activate USB debugging and it will work just fine ! No apps required , i just tried it and it works perfect !

    • umb says:

      Thank you Landry. I also have a GS3 with CM v.10.2 with the same “problem”. I did exactly what you wrote and now it works perfectly.

  14. Elman says:

    it works but, system crashes on android 4.4 have to flash again :(

    • teufelswelt says:

      You shouldn’t have to flash again. If you really have to, there is something seriously wrong.

  15. Luca says:

    This app doesn’t exsist on PlayStore! I’ve used “SG USB Mass Storage Enabler”.
    This work fine on Samsung Galaxy S3 with CyanogenMod 10.2!
    Thanks :)

  16. rob says:

    didn’t use the same app, but i can confirm this also works with GT-I9305 and GT-I9305N (S3 LTE)

  17. Bhanu Birla says:

    I tried this app and now my phone won’t start. Frustrating

  18. Bell says:

    xxxx <3

  19. Erik says:

    Some of this is a bit over my head. I’m trying to get my droid razr m to connect to my car stereo via usb. The phone only does MTP and not MSC, stereo requires msc, so this looks like the solution. Is that correct? Also, before I install this can you tell me if this app will jailbreak my phone or if its just a regular app?

    • Raffi says:

      Hey Erik,

      at first – it’s not an app written by me. It’s an app, I found in the internet to solve my problem. ;)

      And no, this app doesn’t works at “Jailbreak”. But nevertheless your phone might be “jailbreaked” (in Android world this is named “rooted”), because I used to use this app, when installing a custom rom like Cyanogen Mod. And for installing custom roms, you need to root/jailbreak your phone.

      I don’t know if the app works, if your phone isn’t rooted. You’ll have to try out. But don’t panic, the app can’t destroy anything, nor it can root your phone. So just try out. Either it works or it doesn’t work. ;)

      • Erik says:

        Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work with my droid razr m. I installed the app and get the option to reboot now or later, but when I click on either option nothing happens. Bummer.

  20. radosquo says:

    SE Xperia Arc with CyanogenMod 10 (from FreeXperia) – don’t work

  21. krodrigu says:

    this seems to be a Samsung-only solution. does NOT work on AT&T HTC One (CM 10.1 nightly).

  22. Jdhe says:

    salamat sayo bro..

  23. Matt says:

    There is another way, without having to install an app:
    Settings -> Storage -> Menu -> USB Computer Connection
    – here you can switch between Mass Storage and MTP modes.
    Source: http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/38394/are-there-usb-settings-in-cyanogenmod-10-if-so-where

    • Raffi says:

      Thanks for the tip. But in some nightly builds this option wasn’t available. That’s the reason I wrote this article concerning a workaround which works on the most builds.

    • Marti says:

      Thanks! I thought I looked everywhere and I hated the idea of having the install a special app for this. Works for me!

    • mk says:

      My Man! I totally forgot where this option was … thank you!

    • Thanks! I couldn’t install an app since gapps wasn’t installed yet. And I couldn’t install gapps without mass storage transfer!

  24. greg says:

    Only works on the internal storage partition. Ext-sd does not mount… Suggestions?

  25. Kevin says:

    Works on my Droid Razr! Thanks.

  26. Matt says:

    Worked for me!
    Motorola Droid Bionic XT875.

  27. ryan says:

    the usb mass storage trick works on US cellular Motorola Electrify M runing cyangenmod for Verizons Motorola Razr M

  28. Paolo says:

    That’s help me a lot ! on my Samsung galaxy Gio GT5560.

    It works, thanks. I hope CM developers put a better works in the future :).

    Thanks Regards!!!

  29. chamblard says:

    don’t work Xperia pro mk16i
    busybox installed…
    any solution?

  30. TK says:

    Very nice!

    Thank you so much.

    This really help me.

    This a shame that a ROM like Cyanogenmod need a extra app to turn on the USB thing.

    But this worked flawless on my Samsung S2.

  31. C2Fixit says:

    Hi Raffi!

    Wanted to get you permission to post your article/solution on my blog with your credits!

    Tx in advance!

  32. Working on my Samsung Galaxy S Plus (GT-9001)
    Tiger v5 ROM CyanogenMod 10.1 Base.
    This has been driving mad thanks for posting about this app.

  33. Michael says:

    This was driving me absolutely CRAZY. Thank you!!!