How to reset the spreadsheet export format in ALV

When working with the ALV (ABAP List Viewer), the records/result-set displayed can be exported in various formats including those for spreadsheet programs.
alv_save_choice_excel_export_enIf you use this feature more often and always export your data into the same format, there does exist an option called “Always Use Selected Format”  in the spreadsheet-export-dialog. If you check this option after selecting an export format, so in subsequent exports always the specified format is preselected and you won’t see the format selection dialog anymore.
However, if you would like to change the format or want to get asked for he format again before every re-export, most users recognize that it isn’t such easy to revoke the “Always Use Selected Format” option.
No products found.In the following I would like to briefly point out two approaches to solve this […]