How to generate Swiss QR Code in C# and VBA

Swiss QR Code in C-Sharp and VBAToday, we are looking into the field of business computer science. Since end of April, SIX has released the specification for the new Swiss QR Code according to ISO 20022. The Swiss QR Code is an integral part of the new Swiss deposit slip, the so-called QR invoice, which shall be implemented by all companies by mid-2018 at the latest. The Swiss QR code is placed in the so-called “number part with QR code” of the QR invoice.
In the following, we will discuss how the Swiss QR code can be generated using C # or VBA. To do this, we use the free QRCoder library, which I developed almost 4 years ago and to which recently added the Swiss QR Code. One more thing before […]

QRCoder – an Open Source QR code generator implementation in C#

QRCoder demoIn modern times QR codes should be known by pretty much everyone. Since smartphones are becoming increasingly popular, QR codes can also be found at more and more places in our everyday lives. As a fairly serious geek this should be reason enough to engage a bit more in detail with the technology behind it. And what way seems to be more suitable than implementing a QR code generator by yourself?
Because C# is my favourite programming language, the choice fell accordingly to this language. Sadly information on the QR code are not so easy to get. The easiest way of course would be the official way – simply buy the ISO/IEC document. That would be the ISO/IEC 18004. But there’s also a crux on that. The ISO 18004 costs round […]