Google Analytics Widgets for Android

Sometimes ago I’ve written about Analytix Pro on Caschy’s blog and today I had to figure out that the update has swallowed the widgets. Too bad, really bad, because the widgets were one of the main reasons I liked the Analytix Pro app so well.
Although, the app has still great opportunities for analysis of your webprojects, it’s useless for now, if you just want to have a quick look on your site’s benchmarks. So I started to search again for an alternative and reviewed a couple of Android Google Analystics widgets. Those two, which fitted my needs at it’s best, I like to present you today.
1. GAnalytics Widget
The first widget is the GAnalytics widget and which can be found here in the Market. It’s free and ran flawlessly during my testing. On the home screen, it takes 2×1 tiles to complete. Unfortunately, it isn’t optimized for other tile ratios.