Remote access Fritzbox answering machine

Remote access Fritzbox answering machineEveryone of you may know the following situation. You are waiting for call but have to leave your home.
For example you await a call from your smartphone shop. If you would know that the shop has called that you’re phone is ready, you could detour while driving home.
If you own a Fritzbox with VoIP as your router, you belong to the lucky winners in this situation.
This is because you can listen to the messages from the Fritzbox’ answering machine from any phone and anywhere. And this is even not a premium service. For retrieving the messages you only pay the same than for a normal call to your home. So if you’ve got a flatrate it will cost you nothing.
Setting up Fritzbox answering machine for remote […]

How to configure Namecheap DynDNS in Fritzbox

dyndns refreshIn the previous article I have explained, how you can set up your domains, which are rented from, for use with DynDNS (Dynamic DNS). In this article, we will focus on how to configure your Fritzbox, so that it always sends the current IP to the Namecheap DynDNS interface.
While this also possible through various clients for PC or MAC, I find the configuration with Fritzbox particularly attractive, because it is anyway running around the clock and thus no PC or MAC unnecessarily consumes more power.
(Who prefers a Raspberry Pi over a Fritzbox, should read this article here.)
Set up Namecheap DynDNS in the Fritzbox
Log into the webpanel of your Fritzbox. This should be normally accessible by navigating to or  in a browser of your choice.