Workaround: Canon EOS 300D Windows 7 drivers

Canon EOS 300DRecently I put my hands on a Canon EOS 300D and should copy a few photos from the camera to the PC. Easier said than done. The camera has a few years under his belt and Windows 7 was seemingly not able to find suitable drivers. Also the Windows driver search did not help.

Now comes the part where I want to apologize for the misleading headline. In fact I have no Windows 7 driver for you. However, I have a solution on how to get the Canon EOS 300D running under Windows 7 without additional drivers. Therefore just a setting in the camera menu must be changed.

Connect Canon EOS 300D with Windows 7 – how it works

Step 1:

Turn on the camera and click on the “Menu” button on the left edge of the display.

Canon EOS 300D Windows 7 fix - Step 1

Step 2:

Navigate (with help of the control pad) to the fourth tab of the cameras menu.

Canon EOS 300D Windows 7 fix - Step 2  Canon EOS 300D Windows 7 fix - Step 3

Step 3:

Switch the menu item “Connection” from “normal” to “PTP” .

Canon EOS 300D Windows 7 fix - Step 4  Canon EOS 300D Windows 7 fix - Step 5

That’s it. Now the camera should be found on Windows 7 (and almost certainly on Windows 8).


  1. Alansays:

    Thank you so very much. I was thinking the camera I bought for £600 back in 2005 was for the bin. Your solution worked fine on Windows 7 and Windows 10

  2. Lukesays:

    thank you, it’s 2022 and this still works on windows 10

  3. Philsays:

    Thanks, that works. So simple, there I was assuming I had to find a driver !

  4. pradssays:

    nice . it works .

  5. Thanks For Your Help Solved The Problem Thanks Again

  6. Aliciasays:

    Perfect. Just perfect. Thank you!

  7. Gilberto Roccabiancasays:

    Thank you!!! You saved my camera from dumping!

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