How to take a screenshot in C#

The subsequent code snippet can be used to take screenshots in C#.Net. The screenshots, you capture with the following snippet, equal to the screenshots you take by pressing the print-key on your keyboard. (Certainly aside from the fact that the screenshot won’t be in your clipboard, but you will get a bitmap object, which can be used to manipulte in anyway you like in C#.)

Because the the source code is very short, I’ll let it speak for itself.

private Bitmap Screenshot()
    //Create a bitmap with the same dimensions like the screen
    Bitmap screen = new Bitmap(SystemInformation.VirtualScreen.Width,

    //Create graphics object from bitmap
    Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(screen);

    //Paint the screen on the bitmap
                             0, 0, screen.Size);

    //return bitmap object / screenshot
    return screen;

If you have questions concerning the source or maybe know an easier way to solve the task, let me know it.

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