Adjusting the screen resolution in VirtualBox

VirtualBox 4:3 screen-ratioFor almost two years, Windows 8 is now on the market. So enough time to find hundreds of reasons to set up a virtual machine running Windows 8. Unfortunately, you are greeted by the form factor of yesteryear already during the installation.
In plain language, the aspect ratio of the sceen was in 4:3 ratio, which looked really ugly on my laptop which is in widescreen format.
After the installation I wanted to resolve the “problem” by adjusting the screen resolution, but realized that I only had a choice between various resolutions in 4:3 factor.
Let us come to the thing – how can we fix it? The problem lies in the lack of support of the graphics driver. Normally this can be fix by re-installation of Oracle’s so-called guest expansion. But […]