Activating margin and border settings for images in WordPress

Wordpress klassichen Bildeditor wiederherstellen - Titelbild
The new 3.9 release of WordPress brought with it some new changes. Sadly, this time around at least one feature was removed, which is missed by quite a few people. Since WordPress 3.9 it’s impossible to edit borders or margins in the image editor.
This isn’t a huge problem for me personally, since I know how to set these properties manually in HTML. Still, this workaround isn’t always the best solution and editing HTML isn’t for every WordPress user. Solving this problem is going to be the topic of this article.
Activating the margin and border editing interface
At the moment, to be able to conveniently edit the borders and margins in the new version of WordPress you need a plugin. It’s called Advanced Image Styles and it’s available for free in the WordPress plugin repository. After […]