3 things you should know to speed up HttpWebRequest

HttpWebRequest LogoThose who work with the. NET framework and occasionally used the HttpWebRequest class, may have stumbled about the phenomenon that it seems to be quite slow in some cases. Especially if you use HttpWebRequest in combination with threading to get responses as quick as possible, the HttpWebRequest class quickly becomes a party pooper.
Initially you might assume that the problems rely on the Internet connection, but at least after a speed comparison with wget or curl, you should recognize that the “problem” must be at the. NET implementation.
No products found.In the following article I will focus on three points that can help you, to speed up the HttpWebRequests class.

1. Increase DefaultConnectionLimit
All instances of the HttpWebRequest class are using some properties of the ServicePointManager. One of these porperties of the ServicePointManager is the “DefaultConnectionLimit”. By default, this limit […]