How to install Wunderlist on Linux Mint

Wunderlist LogoWunderlist is a tool for task management, which I use regularly. However, since I generally prefer native applications to web-based, the Wunderlist software also got it’s place on my Linux Mint system.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the Wunderlist client in Linux Mint’s software center, so I tried to install it manually, which ended in a big fail.
After intense googling, I found the a script on Pastebin and changed it in 03/2013. Although this was initially written for Ubuntu, it works fine under the Linux Mint environment.
For installation you just need to save the script in a file with the extension “. sh” and execute it in the shell by help of the following two commands.

sudo chmod +x
sudo ./

Linux Mint/Ubuntu Wunderlist installation script

architecture=`uname -mrs`

#Download Wunderlist
if [[ $architecture […]