Update: Cloud Downloader 2.9.6

Cloud Downloader 2.9.6The last update of the Cloud Downloader was two weeks ago. Since then I got a lot of feedback from you all by e-mail. So, among other things, two bugs could be identified. Therefore, today there is a new version.

The version 2.9.6 of the Cloud Downloader includes the following changes:

  • Previously, when specifying a “/likes” URL only the songs were observed. If a complete playlist was liked, its songs have been disregarded. Now all the songs, even those from “embedded” playlists, are respected.
  • The “/playlists” URLs from the profile pages could not be read. This works now.
  • The complete code has been revised in order to prevent crashes/errors.
  • One, two typographical errors in the GUI have been fixed.

The current version can be found (as always) in the Cloud Downloader’s main article by clicking the following link:

Download: Cloud Downloader 2.9.6


  1. Me8asays:

    love ur work i have been using ur downlaoder for 1.5 year now i really hope it gets better and better
    i have some ideas to maek it better if u are interested :D

    • Just let me know your ideas and I’ll try to implement them in the next version. Just write comment here.

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