Pex for fun – a programming game for Microsoft lovers

I’m just stumbled once again on a beautiful website that I want to share with you.
I found it at the german C# community where herbivore, the admin, posted it in this thread. But not panic, the game is in English.

The website, I like to show you, is on which you can solve a large number of more or less difficult programming “puzzles”. Relating to the available programming languages, you have the choice between C #, F # and Visual Basic.NET.

The puzzles are all built on the same base-function. This function, named “puzzle” is given and takes, depending on the puzzle, different numbers of paramaters. Your task is to find out, what the function should do with the input variables. So you can add any input and the game shows you the output of the function as well as the expected output. To help you, there is a variant of Pex available. (Pex is a tool for unit testing according to the rules of white-box techniques, developed by Microsoft Research.)

At the beginning, it makes sense, to press the “Ask Pex” button. Pex then generates a few possible values ​​for the parameters of the function, calls the function with the generated parameters and then displays the results of the function as well as the expected real values.
So you can gradually correct the function or write a whole new function body. This can sometimes be quite tricky to make, but usually it’s a lot of fun. So try it yourself.

And now I hope you have to riddle all the Pex puzzles. If you already know the website or even have created your own puzzle or programming game, just link it in the comments below this post.


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